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5 Tips for selling your property oversea – Do not forget the container to store your stuff…

5  Tips for Selling Your Overseas Property


Do you have a property overseas (like this one in St Tropez)? While there are people who dream to own a property abroad, there are others who plan to sell their overseas property. If you think keeping and managing your overseas property is proving to be an expensive affair, you may want to sell it quickly. But how do you get a good and quick sale? Today’s sales market is quite competitive. It’s not easy to seal a great deal quickly because house prices are also falling in many places. Therefore, the only way to succeed in this situation is by planning in advance.

There are multiple proven tactics that you can use to differentiate your property from others and connect with the maximum number of potential buyers.

Given below are some of the most important ones –

#1. Make Your Property Attractive
The fact is you aren’t the only one wanting to sell an overseas property. You’ll be competing against hordes of other sellers. So, it’s crucial to stand out your property and make it as attractive as possible for potential buyers.

Key things you can do include:

> Packing up additional stuff and moving it out
> Cleaning up
> Finishing any kind of DIY jobs
> Making the most of the best features

Carrying out these changes will not only improve the overall look of your property but it will also act as a major deterrent for buyers who want to haggle hard.

#2. Set a Realistic Price
Usually, a seller wishes to get as much money for their property as possible. But the temptation of over-pricing a property has many downsides to it. The biggest risk is that you won’t get offers or people may not even want to see your property. When the price of your overseas property is too high, you may also lose credibility as a seller. That’s why it’s advisable that you set a price for your property ‘sensibly’. The estate agent’s advice can be a big help in this regard as they’re aware of a local market better than you are.


#3. Get Your Property Listed Online
The internet is really powerful. If you plan to sell your property quickly, you must get it listed online. Today, most of the buyers will go to a search engine to find a property of their choice. So, you should pick those property websites that appear at the top of search engine results for most of the keywords related to buying and selling of properties. Also, it’s important to ensure that your estate agent is also listed on the website where your property gets listed as it will increase your chances of getting more enquiries.

It’s a good idea to find an agent who uses the latest marketing tools to get properties listed and sold. Since there are so many agents out there, you should exercise some caution while choosing the one you want to work with.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions that you may have in mind. For example, you may question a listing agent as to how they’ll market your property online and where they’ll get your property listed. You should be fully aware of how your property is listed, where it’s listed and what chances of visibility your listing has. Also feel free to ask the agent about their specialty, fees and how they’re helping other people.

#4. Sell the Lifestyle
Do you know what attracts buyers the most? Well, it’s the lifestyle that a property offers! If you plan to sell your overseas property without much delay, you should make the lifestyle the USP. Explain to buyers how much they’ll enjoy your property in terms of location, weather, transport, pace of life, neighborhood etc.

#5. Store your belongings and furniture in a Moveable Container container
What to do with all your belongings and furniture that you care for? A container from Moveable Container is the ideal solution. It will provide a safe, dry and impervious place for your precious cargo.



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