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19 Feb Brewing in a Can

Pull the lever and you have yourself a nice cold beer: its yours for the tasting!

That’s right, its beer in a shipping container and a whole new way of providing your local brew. Brewmasters who have this passion for flavor in beer can now own their own brewery in a can, a rather large can, a shipping container gone portable brewing company. Imagine that. You’re in a park with food trucks and your own, microbrew beer right on tap? Some of these portable containers have up to 30 or more beers on tap, all designed by the brewmaster of your locality.

Are you looking to start your own microbrewery?

Shipping containers may be exactly what you are looking for. Lets start with the pricing of a shipping container, being more cost efficient than your typical brick and mortar brewery. How about the ease of use in the container itself? Its portable, and the construction of the microbrewery can be done and transported with a sign ready to hang in less than a months time.

This concept of beer making in a shipping container is bound to allow so many more connoisseurs of beers to be entertained by brewmasters who can now use their gift of making a cold brew happen, without the added costs of building a microbrewery the old way. Restaurants can add this easily to their existing building without all the renovation costs that would involve adding another area. With this space saving concept, like a shipping container brew station, your bottom line will be sure to please. If you are looking for a portable brewing station, this is the ticket. No need to disassemble to move, and if you need more room add another container to the existing one; you can stack it or place it right next to the one you have. Think about how easy it would be to sell this turn key operation once you have exhausted your ‘brewmeister’ passion.

The big beer companies better start figuring out how to begin to satisfy their customers and it better not be from having more clever advertising gimmicks, because today’s taste “buds” are not the same as yesterday’s beer drinkers. Today amateurs want more from their beer than just the sound of a can opening on a hot summer day. They are looking for a brew that tops the last one they just consumed: No more of the same old same old for these new and upcoming beer connoisseurs.

Looking for a Reefer Container for your next brewing dream?

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Reefer Containers

Reefer containers would be the perfect unit for this type of operation and there are plenty out there looking for a new look and new way of being used. Its all about recycling what we have and to make for a more efficient use of old retired shipping containers. Reefer containers are refrigerated containers that you would see parked outside of many supermarkets or locations where portable refrigeration is needed. There is no limit to the many forms the shipping container of today, can take on.

40FT Reefer Container
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