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Building Self-sufficient Home Using Portable Moving Containers

Building Self-sufficient Home Using Portable Moving Containers
The tiny house movement gained its popularity over the years amidst the rising cost of real estate in the world. With an aim of building a self-sufficient home with less environmental impact and helping people become mortgage free, the tiny house movement attracted many people.
One of the popular means to build a self-sufficient home is to use portable moving containers in home construction. Its popularity is gained because it fits the new green phrase “adaptive reuse”. Aside from its original intention of helping people transport products, new alternative uses of these moving containers are being discovered and adapted. It is no wonder that they are now considered as main resources in building self-sufficient, off the grid homes of the tiny house revolution.
Things to Consider Before Using Portable Moving Containers in Building your Home
Before deciding to use portable moving containers as construction materials for your homes, you must first consider the following:
1. Containers are often difficult to obtain and ship to long distances. However, if you live near port areas, this should not be a problem.
2. The price of regular 20-feet moving container can range from $2500 to $4000. It is more expensive than regular construction materials that can be used to build a house.
3. Moving containers provide an extremely secure storage structure which requires a blow torch.
4. Rust is the natural enemy of moving containers.
5. Good insulation and ventilation is a must when you are using moving containers to build a home as they tend to be like ovens or freezers depending on the outside temperature.
Steps in Building a House Using Moving Containers
Once you have decided that portable moving containers are your final choice in building your house, you can consider the following steps in creating your dream home:
1. Design the house
Determine first how you want to live in the house made of moving containers. Work out on the floor plan and determine the amount of space you need. It will be helpful to have a 3D rendering of your house plan so you can visualize how it will look like after construction.
2. Consult and expert
Even if you are building a house made of portable containers, it is most advisable to get professional engineers before building it. This is important since you will be removing some parts of the containers to put up integral part of your building such as ventilation, insulation and the likes.
3. Create a foundation
Having a good foundation for your house is essential as it prevents potential damages to life and properties in the future. If you opted to use a concrete foundation, embedding steel plates in the corners of your foundation where your moving containers rest is essential. Alternatively, you can use piers to poured concrete for an inexpensive foundation.
4. Place and connect moving containers
The easiest, safest and fastest way to place moving containers in the foundation is the use of crane. When the containers are placed in the foundation, you can make final adjustments by using a big crowbar. There are two ways to connect the moving containers with each other. You may opt to connect them by using large bolts to the metal plates if you have plans to disassemble them in the future. However, if your intent is to build a permanent structure, the best option to attach them to the steel plates is to weld them.
5. Slice out the openings
Create passageways by slicing out openings to your moving containers. This will include your windows and doors. You can do this by using plasma cutter or cutting torch if you are cutting an entire wall panel or by a jig saw and a grinder if you are only cutting parts of the wall.

6. Seal the cracks
Once you cut the moving containers, cracks may form. Seal these cracks by using a backer rod, caulk and foam sealant.
7. Enclose the openings
To finish off your house using portable storage containers, attach walls to them by using bolts, welds and screws. Include the installation of your doors and windows.
Overall, portable storage containers are among the most cost-effective ways in building a house as these provide durability and easy installation for homeowners.

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