Container Condition

One Trip

Containers classified as “one trip” are units that have been recently produced by the manufacturer and have been transported one time by a shipper to the destination of offering. These units are pristine, clean, and ready for a buyer looking for a high-quality unit for storage or shipping.

Cargo Worthy

Containers classified as “cargo worthy” are considered to be in a condition ready for use by shippers. These units are guaranteed to be wind and water tight, structurally sound, and clean. They will not have an active CSC plate but are well fitted for use by a customer looking to secure higher value contents and can be anticipated to provide long life and usage.

Wind and Water tight

Containers classified as “wind and water tight” are guaranteed by MCS to be free of holes that would allow outside elements to affect the contents of the unit. Please be mindful that these are older units and have been in years of service with shippers and other users. They are ideal for use as a storage containers with multiple uses and applications by the potential buyer.

As Is

Containers classified as “as is” are not guaranteed though they may be wind and water tight initially. Their condition is usually less. These units will have had sustained damage and will have large dents, holes, or deep seated corrosion. These units are ideal for the handyman or for reconstruction or parts use. It is recommended that the unit be inspected prior to purchase to ensure they meet the buyer’s requirements.