Potters Lane shipping container apartments for homeless veterans

31 Jan Housing our Veterans of War

Have you ever thought of what happens to an American Veteran who has come back from war and has not been able to adjust to living the American Dream? It’s hard to think of what a person must go through in war. One can only imagine that it must take a toll on the soul. If there could be one thing that we can do as supporters of our veterans is to, at the very least, offer them a place to live that is safe, clean and habitable to the standards that you would personally like to have.

Shipping containers are now being used to make an apartment complex

It is yet another ingenious way in which people are using these enormous metal boxes. Not only is it helping Mother Earth by recycling these steel containers, but it is offering a sanctuary of comfort and peace. The state of California is using these containers for homeless Veterans where they say that, in Los Angeles county alone, there are around 3500. There was a campaign led by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to end Veteran homelessness by 2015. Although homelessness of Veterans has decreased by 30 percent in 2015, the problem still persists.

Watch the Potter’s Lane Groundbreaking

In this new shipping container apartment complex, each veteran will have their own private space with a large window for light in its 480 square foot apartment. They chose a u-shaped design to build a sense of community while still giving way to privacy. This is the first of this kind of project in the nation, using recycled shipping containers for this purpose. And hope is that this will be a model for all communities that can offer a War Veteran an opportunity to live with dignity.

Why Use Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are perfect because they offer sturdy construction and ease of use which helps when you are on a tight schedule. Builders chose shipping containers, because they also knew that it would make the construction of these homes affordable, energy efficient, and low maintenance; a homeowner and builders dream construction.

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Some Closing Thoughts

Exit plans in war need to include how we take care of our Veterans on their return from combat. May we always seek to bring hope and peace, not only in other countries, but in our own backyard to the Veterans who have served our country. The least we can do is provide them with an opportunity to be taken care of with good healthcare, not only for the physical pain and injury, but most importantly for the emotional pain of war. If we cannot afford to take care of our Veterans then we cannot afford to go to war.

Much appreciation to the organizations and people who made the Potter’s Lane Project possible. American Family Housing, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. Their valiant efforts will ensure proper living conditions for the Veterans who have served our country.

Image credits: American Family Housing

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