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25 Jan Indoor Farming Inside of a Shipping Container

Shipping containers have come a long way since they started their voyage on the sea. Now with so many people and companies finding different uses for these monster containers, it’s becoming quite interesting to see how when someone uses their creative mind to recycle these steel containers, what they come up with.
fruit and veggies heart shaped
Would it surprise you to see that one company has found a way to hold a farm in a container? Yes, a farm that has all the components that are necessary to grow vegetables in a controlled environment. These innovative grow racks allow for more of a harvest of vegetables, because the grow racks actually allow for vertical growth. With the ample room that a container has in height especially when using a high cube, you can see how perfect a container is for this type of use. These grow racks can be found in some restaurants where the chef can have at hand any time of year, the spices and vegetables to make a healthy and fresh meal.

How do you grow these crops in the container? There is a control system that is used on the outside of the container, which allows the environment around the plant to be monitored by a sensor, and irrigation is based on the plant’s size, growth, metabolism and real time requirements. The control system will also monitor and control the CO2, pH, Humidity, Temperature and more. It allows for optimal growing conditions, and reaping of a delicious harvest of “no pesticide” needed crops.

Imagine the many uses for this type of agriculture in harsh climates or remote areas. You can have a mobile garden pretty much wherever you want. Now wouldn’t that be ideal for local food banks to be able to give hungry people fresh produce?

Hydroponic gardening at its best, no pesticides or contaminated soil and a continuous growing season without the worry of mono cropping. What is mono cropping?  It’s when a farmer grows only one type of crop, this way he only has to have certain tools and machinery for that type of crop which helps the farmer with costs.

The disadvantage to mono cropping is that it takes the nutrients from the earth and leaves the soil weak and unable to grow healthy plants. When this happens the farmers are then forced to use chemicals and fertilizers to encourage plant growth. This method of farming disrupts the natural makeup of the soil and furthers the depletion of nutrients from the earth, which then creates the spread of pests and disease, then it requires more chemicals. What happens then? We end up with polluted air and ground water and produce that has been chemically grown instead of being naturally produced by mother earth.

Healthy soil requires no pesticides, when crops are planted along with a variety plants that not only feed the earth, but assist in being natural pest deterrents. Giving the land some time to regenerate itself, by giving it a little break for a season and planting a different crop would offer more nutrients to the vegetables naturally, the way nature intended. A human being does not need to take care of the forest, the forest takes care of itself when it is allowed to naturally propagate. We have forgotten to take time to see how nature works so intelligently, by using its natural resources to proliferate, a beautiful and alive forest.

Liz Hryb
  • Brian Nielsen
    Posted at 11:21h, 25 January

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nancy burns
    Posted at 12:58h, 25 January

    Great information. Inspiring as well

  • silvia mckeown
    Posted at 23:00h, 25 January

    This is a great idea. I would be interested in putting one in my yard. Does the company sell these fully equipped as in the photo?

    • MCSWebAdmin
      Posted at 11:18h, 26 January

      Hi Silvia, thanks for the comment. I agree, it is a great idea!

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