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10FT Standard Height

10FT containers, also referred to as “bicons”, are perfect for storing smaller equipment and goods. The smaller footprint of these units allow you the flexibility of having just the right amount of space needed for project.


Exterior Dimensions Interior Dimensions Weight
Length: 9′-9 3/4″ Length: 9′-3″ Tare: 2,870lbs
Width: 8′-0″ Width: 7′-8″ Payload: 22,040lbs
Height: 8′-6″ Height: 7′-9″ Max Gross: 24,910lbs



We offer a variety of options to help make your container more functional, accessible and secure. View our Container Accessories.

  • Multiple sizes of shelving and racking
  • Cargo door access ramps
  • High-security locks and lockboxes
  • And more!






How much space do I need to get my container delivered?

A minimum of 80-120 feet of linear clearance and a minimum of 10 feet of width with 14 feet of height, must be available on leveled ground.

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