08 Feb Shipping Container Turned Into Summertime Fun

It’s hard to imagine what it must have been like to ship merchandise internationally or domestically without the shipping containers of today. What did that look like exactly? It was ships that sailed across continents with cargo full of individual boxes and barrels. As you can imagine, this made for quite a mess during a storm on the sea.

stacked shipping containers

Remember the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria? Christopher Columbus not only traveled the world to seek new land of opportunity, but he was a global trader. Food was the main staple of the ships in that time, which offered him an opportunity to exchange with islanders and Native Americans, offering a diverse taste of food adventures, from the Americas to Europe.

Can you believe that it’s only been since the 1950s that we actually have had these steel storage containers?  It wasn’t until the early 60s that a decision was made that it was important to make these steel storage containers standard sizes. It was essential that they utilize the room on the cargo ship to its full capacity. Trains needed to be up fitted, along with trucks to haul these containers once they were on land.

The use of shipping containers has continued to grow and become more diverse since they were standardized in the 1960s. You can currently find them used in a multitude of applications from portable office and storage to industrial and residential applications.

shipping container swimming pool

Introducing: The Shipping Container Swimming Pool!

Hence now the standard size you find for your swimming pool, you can get a 20-foot container pool or a 40-foot container pool. Your choice. The sky is the limit on how you can make this container fill your summer time fun. From the above ground to the built in, you decide on the look that best fits your style.

Those vinyl-aluminum pools of yesteryear may soon be replaced by the low cost contemporary steel shipping container. Think of what a great service you will provide to not only your family, but to the environment, getting one more of these retired shipping containers off the shelf and into good use.

Need a container to build a new office or shed? What about that man cave?

Contact our sales team of trained shipping container experts at Moveable Container Storage and allow us to assist you for all of your onsite storage needs, whether it be leasing a container for short term use or purchase. We can do full modifications, give us the specs and we can give you your design.

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