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What can you build using shipping containers?

Shipping containers (also called as storage or intermodal containers) are commonly used to transport freight to other countries. They are made from corrugated steel and are large enough to carry a ton of various goods.

These rectangular-shaped containers are also used for constructing certain establishments. One good thing about them is that, they are very durable. They can actually withstand fires and strong winds. Storage containers are also more affordable than other materials used for construction.

You can actually create various things using these storage containers. To know some of them, below is a guide that will tell you about some of them.

1. Homes
Homes can be constructed using intermodal containers. These boxes can be insulated and decorated as well. You can actually add doors and windows to make a container look like a typical home. If you want a bigger house, you can also add stairs and connect it to another container. Today, many people worldwide are actually living in shipping container homes.

2. Medical/Dental Clinics
Storage containers can also be used to build medical or dental clinics. It’s up to you whether you’ll attach the container to a truck for it to move or place it in an accessible location. Medical equipment like dentist chairs and x-ray machines can actually fit inside a container.

3. Offices
Want to hire people immediately? Then construct a portable office using a container. You can use it for team meetings and job interviews. You’re also free to place it anywhere you want. You can put it near a construction site or in a park.

4. Recording Studios
If you’re a musician and you want your own recording studio so bad, worry no more. You can utilize a 45-feet shipping container to build one. It’s absolutely large enough to fit a sound booth and a control room. You can also ask your fellow musicians to rent it so that you can earn more money.

5. Food Shops
With the help of intermodal containers, you can also construct moving food shops that tour nationwide. You can use the refrigerated container to place your products (e.g. meat) while the regular container will be the area where you will entertain your costumers.

6. Clothing Stores
If you do not have enough money to pay for mall space, maybe you can build container clothing stores with fitting rooms instead. You can place them in a location where there is foot traffic. Doing that thing can help you sell your products easily and save money at the same time.

7. Restaurants
Restaurants and coffee shops can also be constructed using storage containers. A kitchen can actually fit inside one big container. These boxes are actually ideal for restaurateurs who want to build an open-air restaurant. You can also attach these boxes to vehicles to produce food trucks.

8. Game Booths
Shipping containers can also be used in carnivals. You can turn them into game booths that offer cool prizes to those who will win. Containers with large openings will be great for games like darts, ring toss, and milk bottle throw.

9. Mobile Stages
If concert organizers don’t have time to prepare a concert stage, they can turn an opened intermodal container into a mobile stage instead. Lights and huge speakers can actually fit in that kind of stage. It can also accommodate a lot of performers. No need for them to rent concert halls or arenas in order to perform for the audience.

10. Toilet and Shower Rooms
You can also build mobile toilet or shower rooms with the help of shipping containers. It will be useful for open-air events. If you want to show your love to the people, you can also let the homeless people to utilize them for free.

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