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Why you need a Home inspection !

Why You Need a Home Inspection

Evaluating a potential purchase isn’t always easy. Whether you’re a first­ time home buyer or an experienced one, the entire home­ buying process should be approached with a lot of patience and care. Most importantly, you should pay attention to the ‘home inspection’ part.

Hiring a professional for a top­ to­ bottom home inspection is something that even experienced home buyers don’t want to ignore.

Given below are some of the most important reasons for getting a home inspection done before you sign on the dotted line.


The roof structure of a house is so important, yet it can be easily ignored. In the excitement of buying a home, most home buyers forget it. What good is it to buy ahome which doesn’t have a solid roof? When the roof isn’t good or the roofing system is faulty, it can easily take its toll on the interiors. By getting a home inspection done, you can also have the roof inspected and save yourself from the hassles of fixing the roof (which can be extremely expensive) after the purchase.

Health Issues

There are many different types of harmful gases, chemicals and pests that may have their presence in a house without your knowledge.
> Radon: This gas, a radioactive gaseous element, originates from the ground. If it manages to seep into the house, you can face serious health issues. Home inspectors get a Radon testing done to find out whether or not the house you’re going to buy has any traces of this harmful gas.

> Mold: You have seen it and heard about it. Mold grows in moist conditions. Houses that have water leaks develop mold. A home inspection will make it easier for you to track if there are any water leaks. A house that produces molds can cause different types of respiratory diseases.

> Insect Infestations: Your new home should also be completely free from pests, termites and other insects for hygienic living.

Health is wealth. A home inspection will make sure the house you purchase is free from all these critical issues.

Structure or Construction

Whether it’s a new or an old structure, there are many issues that can arise after you have bought the house. If your new house has a foundation issue, for example, you will be in great trouble. It’s a common and critical problem. Since fixing foundation issues can cost you heavily, you should play safe. Even if your house is newly constructed, it may have several problems. If you are serious about getting what you paid for, you really need a home inspection done.


A certified home inspector will do a lot more. After the home has been inspected, the professional can give you helpful advice about its long ­term maintenance. They will also recommend effective ways to get the most out of the various features of the house. The home inspector will even see to it that you don’t face any kind of discrepancies in future when you want to resell the house.

A detailed look at the property you’re going to buy is essential for a profitable investment. The home­ buying process is fraught with risks, pitfalls and problems. To ensure you get the best deal and a house you would love to call your own, you should always remember to have a home inspection before you buy.


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