What is a Live Casino?

live casino

A live casino is a casino that streams a live croupier and other players via high-quality video. They’re available from the most popular online casinos and can be accessed on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. They bring a realistic experience to gambling in the comfort of your own home.

The technology that makes a live casino game work is fairly simple. It all depends on a little device called the Game Control Unit (GCU), which is attached to every live table. It’s a device that’s no bigger than a shoebox, and it’s the true specialist that assists the dealer in running a live game.

To make the GCU do its job, it requires a specialized connection to an internet connection that can handle video streaming in real-time. Moreover, the GCU also uses optical character recognition to recognise the playing cards in a live blackjack or roulette game.

Another essential feature of a live casino is a text chat function that lets players interact with their dealers in real-time. They can even use it to greet each other, which brings a social element to the game.

It’s important to find a reputable live casino brand that offers a wide range of games and a good reputation. This will ensure that you get a safe and secure gaming experience, without any problems. Be sure to read user reviews before choosing a brand, and stick with one that has a proven track record of safety.

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