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Welcome to Moveable Container Storage Frequently Asked Questions.

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What are the Container sizes that are available to rent or purchase?

Moveable Container Storage offers 4 containers sizes:

  • 20 ft
  • 40 ft
  • 40ft High Cube
  • 45 ft

How much does a container weigh?

  • The 20ft container weighs 4850 lbs.
  • The 40ft container weighs 8200 lbs.
  • The 40ft High-Cube weighs 8600 lbs.
  • The 45ft container weighs 10,350 lbs.

*Please note that weights are approximates, as there are variances due to different manufacturers.

How much space do I need in order to get my container delivered?

A minimum of 80 to 120 feet of linear clearance and a minimum of 10 feet of width with 14ft of height, must be available on leveled ground.

Are the containers safe and lockable?

Absolutely!  As a matter of fact MCS provides our customers with an option to have their container(s) delivered with a High-Security lock box affixed to the doors.

What kind of doors does the container have?

Our containers have 2 swing doors on ONE end. We can have the driver load the container with the doors facing per the customer preferences.

The picture shows the typical two doors and the safety box installed.


How are the containers delivered to your location?

The containers are delivered on a Tilt-Back truck. Where-in the trucker backs into the spot, slides the container off its back and gradually moves forward.


Do you move containers on Customer's locations

Yes we can move containers, however we can only move empty containers.

Can the containers be stacked at the customers location?

While the containers are structurally sound to be stacked, our current equipment does not allow us to deliver and stack the containers at the customers location.

Do I need a permit to have the container on my property ?

Rules and regulations differ from county to county, please check with your county to verify if a permit is required by local law.

What condition are these containers in? New, used?

These containers are retired shipping containers that will be wind and water tight upon delivery (leak free).

How much notice do I need in order to have the containers picked up?

We require a minimum of 4 days notice  in order to have the containers picked up from your location.

Can I drill holes and put shelvings inside the container?

Although the containers are strong enough to sustain such modifications, MCS does not permit having its containers modified while on rent. You may wish to consider purchasing a container and customizing it to your specific requirements.

Do you offer rent to own?

No, we only rent containers or sell them outright.

Do you have a facility to store the container(s)?

We provide on-site only.  We provide the container for the time period you wish and once you’re done, we pick up the empty container.

What is the turn around time to get a container delivered?

We can deliver with-in 3-4 business days post Order Confirmation.

How much do I need to pay before I get the container(s)?

You will need to pay a delivery fee, a pick-up fee and the first monthly rental, up front.

Are the containers Water Proof?

Our containers are wind and water tight, they will be leak proof at time of delivery.

What kind of floors does the container have?

Our containers have 1 1/4″ marine wood plank or plywood flooring. The picture shows the typical flooring and special walls installed to turn the container into a office.


Are these containers made of Aluminum or Wood ?

These containers are made of 12 gauge corrugated steel with a reinforced base and wood flooring.

Do I need a ramp to get a forklift in the container ?

That is not necessary, these are ground level storage containers, with the container sitting on a 6 inch undercarriage lip. Driving a forklift should not be an issue.

What are the External Dimensions of the containers?

The containers are 20, 40 or 45 feet long and 8.6′ tall. Our 40 and 45 feet High-Cube units are 9.6′ tall. All our containers are 8 feet wide. For more information please see our specification sheet  or call your MCS representative for more information.

Does the container have vents?

Yes, our containers have vents on either side of the container for cross ventilation.

What color are the containers ?

Containers come in a variety of colors. The majority of our fleet comes in beige, dark brown or red-oxide. We may be able to confirm the color preference with our customer, if needed, prior to delivery.


Do you sell containers?

Yes, we do!  Please call our toll free telephone number or use the “button” to receive a price quote.



May I purchase the container that I am currently renting?

Absolutely!  Please call our toll free in order to receive a price quote and to initiate the sale order.

Does MCS provide financing for purchasing Containers?

At present time we do not offer financing.

Do you ship Containers overseas?

At present time we do not ship or provide containers overseas.