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How to Purchase Shipping Containers

Storage containers are huge rectangular boxes made of corrugated steel. They were developed in 1955 by Malcom McLean, a trucking company proprietor and Kenneth Tantlinger, an engineer. People normally use them to store their goods and transport them to other parts of the globe.

Aside from being used for item storage, shipping containers are also utilized for building mobile offices, homes, and shops. People use them for construction purposes because they are durable and inexpensive. They are also easy to decorate compared to typical buildings.

If you want to know how to get intermodal containers, below is a guide that features steps on how to purchase them.

1. Answer this: what will you be using the shipping containers for?
Before you buy storage containers, ask yourself first why you need to get them. If you’re just going to transport items for a short period of time, it is recommend rent a container instead, but if you’re planning to build a house or an office, it is more appropriate to purchase one.

2. Read and research on your area’s rules regarding the use of containers
If you decided that you’ll buy containers instead of renting them, the next step that you should do is to research on your city’s laws on the use of storage containers. You have to know whether your area allows its citizens to build shipping container houses or not. Going to the city hall to ask for information will be a good idea. If your city allows container buildings, better start researching on how to get building permits as well.

3. Search for shipping container dealers
Once you’re done researching on your area’s rules regarding storage containers, you can start looking for shipping container dealers. You can ask your friend if he knows a reliable container provider or use the internet to look for one.

Before you pick a certain dealer, it is recommended checking every provider’s official website first. Look for online reviews about a particular dealer. Don’t forget to check every dealer’s photo gallery and FAQs page. Go for a reputable dealer that sells affordable containers that are of good quality.

4. Pick a dealer and tell the type of container you’re looking for
After choosing a certain shipping container dealer, contact the company’s staff immediately. Describe the type of container you want afterwards. There are actually two common types of containers. Aside from the typical ones, there are also refrigerated storage containers used for transporting food products like meat and ice cream. The regular containers are the ones normally used for building homes and offices. Their sizes usually range from 20 to 45 ft. You can buy a new or a used one.

After telling the type of container you like, ask for the container’s price and the accepted payment methods. Shipping containers usually cost $2000 and above. The price depends on the size, condition, and type of container.

5. Buy the container that you want
If the price fits your budget and the payment method is applicable to you, you may purchase the container. Some dealers deliver the containers to the addresses their clients have provided while others have locations where you can pick up the container you’ve bought. It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll pick it up or have it delivered to your area.

6. Inspect the container and write a review
Once the container arrives in your area, don’t forget to inspect it first before using it to build a house or office. Check if there are major damages. If you’re satisfied with your container, inform the dealer about it. Don’t hesitate to write a review. Let the public know that you’re happy with the provider’s service.

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